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  October 2002 Edition



If you called about your faceting machine, during the past 5 years, you probably spoke to Gus Munoz. He was the “man with the answers” over that time. Some of you knew Gus much longer—before he handled the call-ins, he was the “inside guy” who could get things done for you — he was with Ultra Tec for 19 years ! Before you think this is a retirement announcement — it’s not. Those 19 years started when Gus was 18 years old — I’ll save your reaching for a calculator — that makes him 37 now.

Gus was literally a kid when he started. He learned fast on the job—that was impressive — but more impressive was how well he got along with people. There’s a sort of “hazing” that the “new kid” goes through when joining a group of rough-talking machine-shop guys. It’s a rite of passage in our working world, and although there’s no real meanness in it (at least not at Ultra Tec), it’s usually daunting for “the kid”. I warned him about it when he was hired, but it was probably unnecessary — I saw that before his first working shift was over this “kid” was holding his own, and had gained everyone’s respect. He was clearly a “people person”.

And it is that particular trait that has led him to a big step in his life — leaving Ultra Tec and becoming a Social Worker — helping troubled teenagers. There’s no shortage of those, these days. As much as we don’t like seeing him go, we know he’s moving on to something that can more immediately affect and improve the lives of young people in serious need.

So, we offer him Godspeed and congratulations. It wasn’t as easy for him. Gus had to manage getting his college degree while working full time and also giving attention to his own family of four children (he’s coached their little-league teams). Doesn’t that sound like the right guy to help these floundering teenagers? It is. We know he’ll succeed.


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