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  November 2002 Edition


FACETERS SYMPOSIUM - Ventura, CA June 6, 7 and 8, 2003 


Chairman of the Faceter's Symposium,  Glenn Klein. He has won about every faceting award there is. Too bad there's no Oscar for the Best Faceting Symposium.


It is about 4 years-I'm too lazy to look it up exactly-since the Faceter's Guild of Southern California had its last symposium. What an excellent event it was. Outstanding lecturers were unfailingly enjoyable and very informative-and, I remember being inspired to put my newly acquired faceting knowledge to use. I also remember what a good place the Symposium was to renew old friendships, and develop new ones.

So, I look forward to the Guild's upcoming Faceters Symposium-on June 6, 7 and 8 in Ventura, at the Ventura Fairgrounds. Yes, that's still 7 months away, but I want to alert you to it now-because you might be interested in participating in competition (there will be Novice, Advanced and Master levels), and if you're like me, it gives you 6 months to procrastinate (actually, under the formal rules for procrastination, I think you can't begin procrastinating until a month ahead-but still, you get the idea).

Ventura is on the coast, about 60 miles north of downtown LA. The Fairgrounds are right next to the beach, so you can count on fresh air and cool breezes. It's a nice place to visit at any time, and the presence of the Faceters Symposium will make it an ideal time.

The Chairman of the Symposium is master faceter Glenn Klein, and you can be sure he is lining up a good event. For information about the Faceters Symposium, you can email Glenn at glennklein@yahoo.com. Include your residential mailing address to receive the symposium packet.

So long for now

Joe Rubin


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