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   January 2007 Edition









Yes, it feels as if 2006 just started—and now we’re writing 2007.  7!!  When I was a kid I wondered if I’d live to the end of the century, and now, I’ve got my eye on the next century—you never know. 


A Vacation 


One of the benefits of my “retirement” at Ultra Tec is that occasionally I get some time off—and several weeks ago Maxine and I joined some old friends in a visit to Silver City, New Mexico.  Wonderful area—we had never been there before.  The drive back took us through Tucson (which almost feels like home), and  then Quartzsite, where we visited Ultra Tec Rep. O.P. VanAuken –“Van” to you folks.  Once a “snowbird”, Van is now a permanent resident of Quartzite, and he loves it— he has his faceting, is active in the lapidary club, and importantly, has lots of not-too-much to do.  The picture of Van and myself is outside of his home.  I collected on the cup of coffee he owed me (and let this be a warning to others of you—I aim to collect).



An ENCORE performance, and then some…

 In the January 2005 SomeTimes, writing about John Dyers’ success in AGTA faceting competitions, I wrote: “Congratulations, John.  I’m guessing you have something planned as an encore.”  Did he ever! 

In the recently announced AGTA awards for 2007, John Dyer has 7 awards!—including a “”sweep” of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Honorable Mention in the Faceting Division—those 4 stones shown here.


To save time in the future, I going to set up “Congratulations John Dyer” as a macro on my computer.  Check it out:  John’s web address is www.finecolor.com




Announcing Trilliant Dops…

So—we now offer Trilliant (3-sided) cavity Dops.  There are three sets:  Large (25 mm, 19 mm, 15 mm), Mid-size (12.5 mm, 11 mm, 9 mm, 8 mm) and Small (6 mm, 5 mm, 4 mm).  Each of these sets are priced at $36.  Delivery—January.


So long for now...

Joe Rubin



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