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   February 2006 Edition






New Book on the History of Faceting.

I bring it to your attention.

There’s a new book out by Glenn Klein:  Faceting History.  Glenn Klein is as thorough and meticulous in his scholarship as he is with his gem-cutting—and as you might expect, Faceting History is clear, informative, and entertaining.  I’ve enjoyed reading my copy of it—it is  particularly interesting for faceters, of course, but also for anyone interested in Jewelry.  It’s 242 pages, illustrated with 129 pictures--hard-cover (yes!)—available in soft-cover too. 

 Visit Glenn’s website,  www.glennklein.com, where you will find an enticing Table of Contents.


Now, that first picture up above is not an early Ultra Tec, but this picture of Glenn IS with an early Ultra Tec—his 1971 machine—on which he has won many faceting prizes.

 Joe Rubin



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