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   March 2006 Edition














We are very pleased to announce that we are now represented in Australia by Brent Jackson.  Brent, is seen in the photo with his wife, Romina--they are residents of Sydney .  Their contact information is on the “International Representatives” list.

 In Australia , with its productive gem fields, the interest in faceting has been very high—inspired and spurred-on by the active Australian Faceters Guild and its many branches.  Ultra Tec has had a significant presence in Australia over the years, and we welcome a renewal of Ultra Tec representation.



 Effective March 27, the price of the Ultra Tec Faceting Machine will be $3380.  That’s a 4 percent increase, consistent with the general inflation rate for the past year, the Government’s “Consumer Price Index” (CPI). 

 As a matter of interest, I traced Ultra Tec prices back to 1972, and compared them against that general inflation rate.  Surprise (or probably no-surprise), our current price is in line with those figures.  Plotting them on a chart, Ultra Tec’s line, compared to the CPI, was more jagged—we tended to “hold-the-line” on price for several years and then do a disruptive “jump-up”.  The exercise showed that if we had used CPI as a guide, we would have arrived at the same point today, but in a much more orderly way.  So we’ve done that this year, and that’s what I see into the future. 

 Benjamin Franklin said “…In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes”.  If Ben were living in our times, he would have had to add “inflation” to that quote (although, in one year of the last 50 it did not go up.  Let’s hope for more of those).


 Joe Rubin



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