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   April & May 2006 Edition




Hubert Heldner—owner of Artistes de Bijoux, in Switzerland, is now associated with a new venture—I should say—Adventure, because that is what it can be for you.  Under the auspices of SEAMIC (the Southern and Eastern African Mineral Centre in Dar-es-Salaam), guided visits to the various gemstone mines are organized.  Imagine yourself—in Tanzania-- collecting gemstones at the mine and then cutting them in a faceting class in Dar-es-Salam -- on Ultra Tec faceting machines.  Imagine residing at the Bahari Beach Hotel.  Two weeks of unforgettable adventure.

Just think.  Sapphire from the Umba Valley .  Tanzanite from Arusha.  Aquamarine from Songea. 

Hubert emails us that this is available for beginners and all aspiring faceters.  And, he points out, it is for professionals too, who can share in the adventure and benefit in the exchange of faceting “know-how”. 

Read about it by going to Hubert’s website: www.free-form.ch .  Find it, and click your way along.  There’s thorough information, and if you have questions, contact him.  

Congratulations to Dave Crookston!  

Dave had the gold medal winning stone in the Novice category of the United States Faceters Guild Single Stone competition, 2005.  Dave began faceting in 2002 when he purchased an Ultra Tec, and took his first lessons from Jim Perkins. Dave is excited about his faceting and I was pleased to hear about his award.












I was saddened to learn that Ken Leifeste has passed away.  Ken, who had lived many years in California , working as an aerospace engineer, retired "home" to Texas in 1994, where he subsequently became an Ultra Tec representative.  

Faceting was an important part of Ken’s life, and he continued his interest in faceting even as he battled serious health issues.  During a trip to California , late last year, he visited at Ultra Tec, and I saw how pleased he was that he would be able to attend a meeting that evening of the Faceters’ Guild of Southern California, where he had been active for years.  He and I had a good time reminiscing (a nice thing that us old guys get to do).  










In 1992, Ken won the Ultra Tec Award for Best Case at the Faceters Fair, joining that list of illustrious faceters.  When I reported that in our newsletter, I wrote,  “…he's an excellent faceter, and a super nice guy”.  He certainly was.

Joe Rubin



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