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   July & August 2006 Edition



A “feel good” letter

The faceting machine business is a “nice” business—nice for us at Ultra Tec—and nice for our customers (it’s not a “get rich” business-- but I knew that going in).  It is especially nice when we hear from an Ultra Tec user, telling us how important his faceting has been for him.  It’s a “feel good” thing to hear that.


We recently heard from Ray Ellison, of Massachusetts, who bought an Ultra Tec 20 years ago, and writes that he has “faceted about 600 stones…” and he is still at it.  Ray writes on: “I give credit to my faceting for helping me through the many stressful years of high school teaching and later unpaid social working…keeping me going in fairly good health, even now as an 85 year old widower. With the machine it’s never lonely (italics mine)…spending an hour or so in my workshop makes the difference—and my finished stones are still as nearly perfect as ever.” 


Ray, we shared your letter with all of the folks here at Ultra Tec—and everyone had a reason to feel good!


ALMOST THERE… Would you like to be an Ultra Tec Rep?


About two years ago Ultra Tec started a new method of sales—through Representatives.  That was something new in the faceting world.  Traditionally, faceting machines had been sold through “Dealers”—and something had come along to upset that:  the Internet. 


Because of the Internet, Dealers (people who carry stock) were vanishing.  I was concerned because I think that most faceters-to-be, before buying, want to see and touch the equipment and talk to a friendly soul.  The situation really hit home one day when someone called from Florida and said “I want to buy an Ultra Tec, but I want to see one first,” and I said “No problem—let me refer you to a Dealer”—and there were no Dealers in Florida!  Florida!


I made a change—to having local Representatives (no stocking—just their own machine to show).  It has worked so far, and we are now represented in 27 States.  Very good—we’re “almost there.”

 I’d like to be represented in every State, but let me list a few of the missing:



New Jersey,






New Mexico,

 (Listed in order of their admittance to the Union—you didn’t know I knew that).

 I don’t want to leave out any State, but those, judging by historical sales, there should be a Representative in those States.



It’s cost-free and painless—(and if you decide you don’t like it, you can just walk away—you don’t sign anything).   It’s fun—much more like chatting to a friend than it is “selling”.  I wish I could say that it will keep you busy--it won’t—but  the occasional commission will “come in handy”.  You just need to be an Ultra Tec faceter.  Think about it.  You can call me, or email—I can send you the “Plan”.


So long for now...

Joe Rubin



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