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   New Year 2003 Edition


New Expansions to Ultra Tec Representation

Over the past month we have reorganized the representation of our products.  It’s still a “work in progress”, but we’ve made a good start.

We reorganized after reviewing the effect of the Internet in recent years, particularly in a geographic sense--- it had unfortunately narrowed down Ultra Tec’s representation.  We decided that we wanted representation expanded—that it was a good idea to have many people “out there” who knew about Ultra Tec, liked to show it, loved faceting and loved Ultra Tec.  And it is that expansion that we’ve launched.

Yes, of course, business is slower than we’d like these days, everywhere—but I’m happy to report that Ultra Tec is doing much better than we would have expected under these circumstances, and it is quite healthy indeed.  

Over the years, something I promised (as I watched other faceting machines fall by the wayside) was that Ultra Tec buyers are assured of continued top quality and continued product support.  We have a young staff.  Yes, most anyone seems young to me these days—but these folks really are young, as is Robert Rubin who is currently at the helm.  And behind him, there’s Michael Rubin (the youngster on the archived SomeTimes bulletin “Visit to Grandpa”) who is looking forward to his turn—so count on good product support for most of this century, anyhow.

“Michael,” I said, “you seem ‘all lathered up’ about it.”

He darted out of the room.

He came back, and said “Grandpa, I am.”

I looked up.

He was!

So, we’re building the new network of Ultra Tec representatives—you can see the list by clicking here.  And incidentally, we certainly are not “abandoning” the web—there are excellent web sites through which Ultra Tec faceting machines are available—from people who are expert professional faceters themselves

Could you be an Ultra Tec Rep ? Definitely Maybe !

Incidentally — what about you?  Maybe you’d consider being an Ultra Tec Representative. The requirements? Well, you need to be where we don’t already have a representative, you generally have to be an experienced Ultra Tec owner, and, you need to love your Ultra Tec.  The rest is easy, and pleasurable.  There’s no financial investment for you — Ultra Tec does all the “businessy” stuff.   I wish I could tell you this is something that will keep you busy and make you rich—it won’t, on either count.  If you might be interested, contact me (most easily by email, joe@ultratec-facet.com ).

So long for now...

Joe Rubin

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