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   January 2004 Edition




In the good ol’ days, when we used to mail the SomeTimes Newsletter, I’d wake up right about December 30th and say “Why don’t we send out a newsletter with a Happy New Year greeting.”  Then of course, by the time it was written, typed, corrected, retyped, printed, and addressed, it was February, and it would have to say “I guess it’s not too late to wish you a Happy New Year!.”  I remember.


Now, it’s…HAPPY NEW YEAR!  January!  Big fancy print.  Nice.


I’m happy to report that 2003 was a banner year for Ultra Tec.  Ultra Tec had its best year of the last ten.  We’re seeing new interest in faceting—and welcome it is.


¨ What we sell--A CHANGE in 2004.  Up to now, Ultra Tec offered general faceting merchandise--magnifiers, alcohol lamps, books, etc.   And, it took us only 35 years to figure out that we should stick to doing what we’re good at—manufacturing faceting machines and Ultra Tec designed faceting accessories—and leave the selling of general supplies to people who are good at that.


So, our new price list is shorter (it continues to include Laps, those being such an integral part of the equipment).  General supplies are offered by most of the Ultra Tec Reps (refer to that list on this web site)—they provide products and advice.


¨“You should not buy a used Faceting Machine”  Guess who I’m quoting?  Me.  I wrote a bulletin on that subject in September 2002  (or look it up in the Bulletin Archives).    I just reread it, and my position is the same—for the same reasons--and continuing experience confirms that position. 


But, I worry about a reader’s possible interpretation--that the Ultra Tec Faceting Machine does not last long.  The facts are quite the contrary—machines that are not mistreated or accidentally damaged, last a very long time.  Here’s an excerpt from an email we got a few weeks ago that’s right to that point—with a fatherly lesson that’s good to remember:


“..my  father, Marion C. Penny, …has an Ultra Tec model V2 Serial number R422 that he bought some years ago, my guess is 1968.  It works as flawlessly as ever…My father taught me how to use this machine when I was 14 and I enjoyed the time we spent together while cutting stones.  But the greatest lesson I learned is something I try to live by, “Buy the best and cry only once”.  This machine is the epitome of such a philosophy.  Thanks for your great product.”


Good lesson.  Well, you don’t really have to “cry-once”, but if you do, it’s just once.  The guessed date was correct—June 1968—I looked it up.  Only 36 years.


¨  AGAIN-- HAPPY NEW YEAR!  From the entire Ultra Tec gang.




Until next time ..... 

 Joe Rubin



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