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   January  2005 Edition


HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Welcome to 2005.  I’m still getting used to the idea that we’ve gotten past 1999—heck, I’m getting used to the idea that we’re past 1979.  When I was a kid, I wondered if I’d live to see 2000—it was way way off in the future (indeed it was).  And here we are 5 years into the new century.  I doubt I’ll see 2100, but it won’t be for lack of trying.

HOW IS THIS A WAY FOR STARTING 2005?!: Congratulations to Ultra Tec faceter JOHN DYER—winner of Cutting Edge Faceting Awards! 


Each year, the American Gem Trade Assn. (AGTA – www.AGTA.org ) presents the “Cutting Edge Awards” in various categories, including faceting.  The awards are formally given in Tucson in February, part of the AGTA GemFair, and are very prestigious, representing professional competition.

John Dyer lives in Eau Claire Wisconsin, where he cuts for the family business, Precious Gemstones Co.  John is certainly no stranger to these awards, having won a second-place in 2002, a first and third place in 2003, and a first-place in 2004. That’s impressive--but, John was just “warming up”.  This year, 2005, John won it all first, second, and third—and the “Honorable Mention” to boot!  Here they are…


Congratulations, John.  I’m guessing you have something planned as an “encore”.




Industrial prices in general have seen an increase.  Our suppliers have alerted us to price increases—it’s not a big surprise—it’s what happens when interest rates rise.  So, if you have been thinking about buying an Ultra Tec faceting machine, don’t dawdle.  Here’s the “word to the wise”—on March 1st, they’re not going to get cheaper.

 So long for now...

Joe Rubin



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