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   January 2008 Edition










Scott is Ultra Tec’s Rep in Albuquerque, and he well deserves RECOGNITION AND CONGRATULATIONS!  He recently emailed -- Because of my little hobby and your machine, my wife and I are having an expenses-paid trip to London and Paris. The Natural History Museum in London is getting replicas of the historic and modern versions of the Koh-I-Noor, the National Natural History Museum of France is getting replicas of the Tavernier Blue, French Blue, and Hope. The London museum is opening their new exhibit "The Vault" on 28 Nov, featuring the Aurora Collection (296 naturally colored diamonds plus the Star of South Africa), along with my replicas. The Paris museum is placing my three blues in the same case as the Ruspolia sapphire (Google THAT sucker, quite cool!) Both are thrilled to be getting these replicas, cut on an Ultra-Tec, and so are paying our way over there. Your little invention has far-reaching implications when used by others, something you should be quite proud of! (Incidentally, you can see my latest research on my web page, www.museumdiamonds.com, and select the Koh-I-Noor link at the top of the Home page under Latest Changes. It should open up a 22 page .pdf file showing the research I've been involved with for the past two years.)


Scott at his Ultra Tec and some of his World-famous diamond replicas.


Let me say—DO check out his web page.  Whether or not you are “into” cutting replicas, you will find it very interesting.  There’s an impressive amount of research in his work – and, of course, an impressive bit of cutting.



AND…. recognition and congratulations to these 2008 AGTA Award winners…




Stephan is an Ultra Tec Rep. who lives in Newburg N.Y. (just north of New York City).  With an 11.27 ct. emerald square-cut Diaspore, Stephan won a 2nd Place award in the Faceting category.



Stephan is long-time Ultra Tec cutter – loves faceting and loves teaching of faceting.



When it comes to award winning, Ultra Tec Rep. (Edina, Minnesota) is probably the most familiar name around, and he’s done it again.  John took a 3rd Place in the Faceting  category with the 30.28 ct. Citrine shown below.  He also took 1st place in the Combination category with a 37.74 ct. "Pink Jubilation" Morganite and an Honorable Mention in that category as well, with a 53.08 ct. "Golden Reflections" golden Beryl.  Wait…we’re not done…John took an Honorable mention in the Open Faceting category with a 6.97 ct. radiant-cut Tourmaline.  And…worthy of being “saved for desert”...he won a 1st Place in the Pairs & Suites category with a stunning Pair of Ametrines (28.91 ctw.).


John’s 3rd place Citrine.

Check out John’s website, www.John-Dyer.com to see the impressive line-up of award winning stones—dating back to 2002.




Justina has been an Ultra Tec “star” in the faceting world for many years.  She and her husband Rudolph are a perfect combination of gem cutter and jewelry designer—you can see their creations on www.bettenmann-devries.com, and you will see she is no newcomer to the world of awards.  In the AGTA 2008 awards, in the Open Faceting category, Justina’s 6.62 ct. cushion-cut Rhodochrosite took a 3rd place.



Well—2007!  Where did it GO!  Hello 2008.  What will this year bring?



Joe Rubin



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