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   October 2008 Edition







Its New!  The Ultra Tec Digital Faceting Machine

Over the years, Ultra Tec has made many upgrades, some little ones, some big ones.  This one is a big one.  You’ve probably looked at the picture below—and it tells the story—it’s a Digital Angle Dial (friendly name: DAD).



This has been a long time in development.  We wanted to get it RIGHT.  It needed to be simple and convenient for the user—it needed to FEEL right—it needed to be robust—it needed to be thoroughly tested for reliability.  It has met our highest expectations.

 It uses advanced encoder technology, and by design is as simple as possible.  In combination with the mechanical advantage of Ultra Tec’s (6:1) gearing, DAD provides accurate repeatability of .01 degrees.

 The Ultra Tec Faceting Machine, in its digital version is designated the V2D, at a price of $3980.  We continue to offer the analog version as the V2R, holding that price at $3380.

 DAD is available as an add-on kit, a replacement you can do at home, at $780.  

 We’ve tested for a year to assure reliability.  Great results!


DAD eliminates your possible setting error, providing a consistent super-accurate setting.  DAD --easily, comfortably and repeatably-- is set to a hundredth of a degree position (most newer gem diagrams specify angles to .01 degrees).  Incidentally, that ease and assurance in setting the angle speeds up the faceting—a bit of a “bonus”.



Ready for delivery (a very nice Christmas present). 

 You may have questions—contact us:  info@ultratec-facet.com (and be patient—there may be many to answer).


Until next time


Joe Rubin



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