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   December 2008 Edition








More about DAD – the Digital Angle Dial

John McQueen is a faceting “pro”.  For ten years, John and his wife Debbie have owned and run The Gem Zone, Inc., and www.eTanzanite.com is their website (you’d enjoy a visit).  John is a long-time 'rock hound', holding a degree in Environmental Science from Bowling Green State University. And—I can tell you—John is a serious and demanding faceter.

So—we were pleased to get this e-mail from John McQueen…

“The DAD is awesome!    I received and installed the DAD on my machine.  All I can say is WOW!  … I did a dry run of the stone and was able to step through all the hundreths angle settings on the entire design (all 15 of them) in less than 2 minutes!  It would have taken 20+ minutes with the vernier dial.  I am sure that this wonderful piece of technology will allow me to save major time in the cutting of any design.  Thank you!”

We’re happy to say that all of our feedback has been very positive—and enthusiastic.  DAD Kits are easy to install and easy to use—could Santa bring you something better for Christmas?


DAD Kits are available NOW.        Item no 1314.1  $780.

TRADE IN YOUR OLD MAST?  Several Ultra Tec cousins have said that despite having held off previously—the DAD is too good to pass up—and now would be the time to get a new Mast, with all of the upgrades.  If your Base is in good condition, it’s a good idea.  Now, for December and January, we offer a trade-in Mast price of $2750 (the Mast only price is $3080—but, for Ultra Tec cousins we’ll give you $330 for a trade-in – (we don’t sell them—the metal is salvaged).  If you do the trade-in, hang onto the old Angle Dial—it will be your “spare tire” in the unlikely chance you have a problem with the DAD,  Hey, when is the last time you used your spare tire?




FROM ALL OF US AT ULTRA TEC.                                             


Around the corner…2009!  Yikes! …any of you getting younger?


Joe Rubin



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