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   Summer 2003 Edition




HELLO… HELLO...we’re back on-line !


Ultra Tec was “off-line” for quite some time.  Was it 6 weeks? -- It was an upsetting circumstance—I  don’t even want to go back and figure out exactly how long it was.  I’m just happy it’s been resolved.  It was some technical thing that the provider said would be fixed “in a day or two”—and it dragged on and on.  Whatever…we’re back now.




A most interesting conference it was — Glenn Klein and his fellow SoCal Guild members deserve much praise and gratitude.


Needless to say, the informational and technical sessions were very good — but my favorite part of a conference is meeting with people and swapping stories.  During one lunch break, people were talking about what “hooked” them on faceting.  There was a group of about seven people — men and women -- and each one remembered the particular circumstance.   “What hooked me…” was each story’s introduction, and how there was no turning back was how each story continued.  I think it confirms my observation—that some people have a “faceting gene”, and they are going to facet no matter what.  If they had to pay for a license to facet, they would (Shhh! The Governor might be listening—no ideas).




It is now quite a while since we made Left-sided Ultra Tec's—but there are quite a few out in the World.  From time to time, someone with a left-sider will inquire about a Dial Indicator Attachment for it.  Well, maybe we can help—we can do a special run of these in the machine shop, if we get enough interest.  Are you old enough to remember the old non-sched airlines? —They took off when they had enough passengers for the flight.  Well this is the same thing.  How many orders would we need for the special run? —Oh, ten or twelve would do it.  But you’ve got to speak up—this plane ain’t leaving until there’s enough people aboard.  And, don’t delay--this plane ain’t turning back to get you after it takes off.




120 is divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10—and multiples of those.  So, it’s a very versatile Index Gear—favored by a number of professional cutters.  They are not always readily available, but they are available right now—you might want to treat yourself to one.


Until next time…….

 Joe Rubin



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