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   March - April 2008 Edition









Maxine and I spent a week in Tucson during the annual giant Gem and Mineral show that many of you have visited.


I gave a talk to a group of visiting faceters, at the Learning Center at Tucson Electric Park—where there’s a nice little auditorium for “how-to” presentations of lapidary arts—with a considerable emphasis on faceting.  What did I talk about?  Well, I showed a new accessory for the Ultra Tec Mast—actually a prototype—to get reactions.  It went nicely, I paid attention to comments, and we are in the process of converting the prototype to production.  I know that “what is it?” is your next question—and--it is too soon to formally announce (I want to make sure everything is ready and that we have some deliverable amount on hand).  We are doing final tweaking and testing—but yes, “coming soon”.  Keep your eye on the SomeTimes.





One picture IS worth a thousand words—and here are four thousand words worth.  These were sent to us by Mr. Guiu himself, and he commented—“ …Over the last few days I cut a group of very small but beautiful Tsavorite Garnets from Tanzania. … the biggest one was 1,24 cts and the smallest 0,20 cts…all perfectly cut in checkers.  Dopped and aligned with the GD [Guiu Dopper] and the GGA [Guiu Girdle Aligner], the average yield was very high 38 %…I have never cut such small rough before but thanks to GD and GGA the work has been a pleasure.”  Let the pictures speak for themselves.


Tsavorite rough


Aligned in the Guiu Dopper


Dopping wax applied


 No explanation needed.  Nice.




We’ll be back in touch soon…


Joe Rubin



Joe Rubin



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