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   March (Sort of) 2009 Edition







Joe says…I’m still learning…'Zultanite'


ZULTANITE.  A long time ago I wrote “Questions about faceting…” (I see that Questions still resides in the “Library”).  In that document I commented that long after you have learned to cut stones—you will still be learning--I said “Isn’t that nice?”  Well, you know, I’m still learning—it is nice.  And I just learned about… “Zultanite”.  I hope you said “what?” (I hate always being the last one to learn).   It is a super rare stone from a single mine in Turkey (hence its “branding” as Zultanite).  It is a color-changing stone, like its partner across the border, Alexandrite, but is far more rare.

I first saw Zultanite when this photo was shown among the 2009 AGTA award winners—the cutting credited to Stephen Kotlowski.


No, that’s not two stones—that’s one stone—with two light sources. 


You can learn more on the website www.zultanitegems.com .  When you get there, click on “About Zultanite” and explore the “cutting” and “history” categories  Interesting. 


The cutter of this largest Zultanite ever (80 carats),  Stephan Kotlowski, is Ultra Tec’s representative in Newburgh NY (just north of NYC).  Stephen has been a gem cutter for his entire working career (this relates to another of those “Questions about faceting…”—“Can I make money at faceting?”).  His reputation for excellence in gem cutting has resulted in his doing a significant amount of “custom cutting” – special designs on special gem material—this time on very special material.  You have seen his picture here before among the award winner­s—you probably will again.




 ● IN THE USA--      


In the Chicago IL area, he is Don Shore




●  In the Raleigh NC area,      Mike and Carole Shore




And to prove you don’t have to be named

Shore to be an Ultra Tec Rep…


in the Florida Keys, it’s Lloyd Forrester





In Germany—near Munich—   Harry Neumaier



   In Mexico CityArturo Silva Hernandez


  For our full range of representatives throughout the World, please click here


Repeat—related to DAD -- 

Recently, a faceter complained that if he got the DAD, his Dial Indicator Attachment would become redundant.  Well,--how about this: If you are in that situation—if you purchase a DAD Kit, we’ll allow a $100 trade-in for a Dial Indicator Attachment (if that’s what you want to do, you need to tell us when ordering--you would send the DIA to us after installing the DAD).  This can’t be a “forever” offer—let’s say—Good to May 30, 2009.


We’ll be in touch with you next month—about – well, SomeTimes. 



Joe Rubin



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