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   March / April 2004 Edition



Many of you are aware that Barcelona, a city known for its art and architecture, is a center for jewelry arts as well.  Barcelona hosts an annual “Expominer Fair”—a gem and show that rivals the larger shows in the USA.  Here are a few pictures from Expominer 2003…






You can see that Ultra Tec is on display in one of the booths—the booth of the Gemological Department of the University of Barcelona.  We are very pleased to report that the University has added faceting to the classes that they offer, and has chosen (wisely, we think) to use Ultra Tec machines.  They have set up very nice workstations and are ready to start classes in the coming semester.


((Those workstations are a bit neater than mine at home—a confession—but I thought I should point that out before my wife does).

 It is good to see faceting become part of the gemology and jewelry design curriculum.  Over the years, jewelry designers have become increasingly aware of the importance of the cut stone in completing their designs.  In the old days (and still lingering, in some cases), it was common to see a very nice jewelry design let down by some unimaginative native cut stone.  I think most designers have seen the light, however, a situation that will be helped by jewelry schools offering early exposure and experience to the equipment and techniques of custom faceting.

  Until next time ..... 

 Joe Rubin



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