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  April 2002 Edition


A welcome to the ULTRA TEC Web Site - from Joe Rubin.

As I write this, I realize that it's almost exactly 30 years since I purchased this company. When I say "almost exactly", I think it is exact to the week - it was the first week of April 1972. That's a long time, but I'm happy to say that I still enjoy this business, and I'm here - and if I take a few extra days off every once in a while-well, that's the nature of my "retirement". There are young people around, doing things and running things (and encouraging me to take more time off - I wonder why), so you are assured of Ultra Tec's presence.

For Ultra Tec users, that means we'll be around for product support. And, with our policy of "evolutionary development", in which we make improvements, but they must be adaptable to existing machines - a no obsolescence policy - assures Ultra Tec owners of a sound investment in equipment. A few years ago, I counted the changes, and they averaged one a year (I admit, I was surprised), but in no case did it make existing machines obsolete. In some cases those changes were significant - like a new Spindle system - and in other cases not at all apparent-like an additional adjustment feature-but all retrofittable, as promised.

Up to several years ago, we published a periodic newsletter-the "Some Times" (an informative name - I explained that it was indeed monthly - we just didn't know what month). Back then, that was a good way of keeping in touch, but we've been overtaken by the electronic information age, and so this page will become the "Some Times Bulletin". As before - we welcome your helpful hints or newsy inputs (you can email me at joe@ultratec-facet.com).

We've seen busy years and not-so-busy years, but we've come to realize that there will always be faceters. I've come to realize that there's a faceting gene - it should have been isolated during the human genome project-and those people who have it, have it -- real faceting "need". For those of you who don't own an Ultra Tec, I'll repeat my old message: If you are sure you're coming by this way again, then don't worry about it - you can get an Ultra Tec Faceting Machine in your next life.

Joe Rubin

April 2002

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