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   Late Summer 2003 Edition






EMAIL     Last month I told you how our Website was reinstalled, after a long absence…remember?  I thought that was the end of the story.  But about 3 weeks later, I said to Yessica, “Have you been screening out emails?  I haven’t seen one in a long time” (we typically get over 50 a week).  She said “I haven’t  seen one either—why don’t you send one from home—let’s see if it’s working.” 


I did.  It wasn’t.  We screamed.  Thank heaven it took only two days to fix this major glitch. (Note from Ultra Tec Webmaster: Joe's scream was only a wimper, I really Screaaaaaaaaaammmed!)


So, if you’ve been frustrated trying to email us (you see—“email” is not just a noun, it’s a verb too), try again—you will succeed.



OLD HINT    This hint is an oldie--but since I had occasion to pass it along to someone just this past week, I thought it might be a good idea to dust it off for you all (I realize that there are now faceters who weren’t even born (!) when I first wrote this one).  Someone complained about water splashing out of the Splashguard when doing high speed rough grinding.  There is an easy way to almost eliminate this:  Wedge a 3M sponge (the dishwashing kind—about 3” X 4”--one side green rough stuff, the other side soft sponge) between the edge of the Lap and the inside surface of the Splashguard—at the back edge of the Lap.  Do that with the rough side in contact with the Splashguard and the soft side in contact with the edge of the Lap.   The turning Lap will slip by the sponge, lubricated as it is by the water coming off the Lap.  The rough side of the sponge, wedged against the wall of the Splashguard, provides enough friction to keep it in place.  The sponge catches water that has spun to the perimeter of the lap, in preparation for jumping on you, and nicely wipes it off.  The sponge will last a long long time.


No, I don’t own stock in 3M.



Until next time…….

 Joe Rubin



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