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   April 2005 Edition



How large a gemstone can be cut on the Ultra Tec? 

That’s a question asked with frequency—and here are some answers, along with an introduction to super-faceter Stephan Kotlowski.


Stephan (yes, another “faceting gene” person) started faceting at an early age—self taught —getting his first Ultra Tec back in 1968 when he was 14 (and Ultra Tec was 3). Carrying this interest forward into his schooling, he obtained a degree in Geology, and then went on to the GIA, receiving a degree as a Graduate Gemologist.


He’s had a lifetime career as a Gem Faceter (he’s one of the few people I know who started out his working career as a faceter). He’s won a number of awards (including a 1988 First Place "Pinnacle" Award from the American Society of Gem Cutter's in their first ever competition under the "Professional" category).


Check out the doorknob-sized "Biggie" (pictured above), an Amethyst colored CZ of 62.40mm in diameter with 410 facets and weighing in at 2,480 carats.




And, Stephan writes:


“One of the most interesting and difficult of stones I cut to date was for a collector from Chicago, an 80mm diameter 688 facet Sphere. Of Lithium Niobate material, the finished weight was

5,577.76 cts.-- about the size of a baseball.”



OK—you guys asked.


 So long for now...

Joe Rubin



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