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   April 2007 Edition



The “story” is out—Joe Rubin went through a heart-bypass surgery in January.  He’s recovering fine—and right now is coming into work a day or two a week, and keeping up with things on his computer at home.  You may have noticed that it has been some time since the last SomeTimes — Joe says that’s why we call it that.


0.1 Degree Angular Accuracy - Proof in Hand

Click the image below for a video that focuses on two stones that show the capabilities Ultra Tec V2 Faceting machine.






Do you know what  ACHROITE  is?




Jerry Stack of  Washington State writes: "… I had a lot of Tourmaline given to me, some very good pieces, and one was a clear Achroite…” (OK—run to Google time—Achroite is a rare type of Tourmaline, colorless or with a slight tint of blue).  “I cut it last winter. The photos show the finished result…4.39 ct and 12x8x73/4 mm…a Barion Oval with 85 cuts, a perfect meet point.  The gem is close to vvsi clean with a very slight blue tint.”  Jerry goes on to say, “I have cut dozens of gems on my Ultratec…” — Jerry’s been a Ultra Tec faceter for almost 30 years.



OK—how about a Chelsea Filter?




Jose Luis Guiu writes “…see the attached pictures, showing the color of Chrome Tourmaline in incandescent light [photo1], and then how it looks through a Chelsea Filter…”  --back to Google--  “…devised with the collaboration of gemmology students of the Chelsea College of Science and Technology…this filter allows transmission of both deep red wavelengths…and yellow-green wavelengths…that match emerald’s emission and absorption characteristics, it is used to assist the discrimination between natural emerald and simulants such as green glass, tourmaline, peridot etc.”  Interesting.



How it feels to compete with John Dyer…




Yes, running true to form, John Dyer swept the AGTA faceting awards (see the previous SomeTimes).  Stephan Kotlowski of New York, however, sent us photos of his “runner-up entry” and I thought they deserved passing along.  It’s a beauty.  Stephan’s no slouch of a faceter—we knew that all along.



So long until the next SomeTimes Bulletin


Joe Rubin



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