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   Fall 2003 Edition







                                             Something new

                                             From Mr. Guiu


That’s a poem, it rhymes, and now you know how to pronounce his name (Webmaster: Joe's a poet and he didn't know it.. ha ha.. ). 



Jose Luis Guiu, who lives near Barcelona, in Spain, developed this.  It was originally for his own use—and he’s been getting remarkable yield results with it--but he’s happy to share with all of us, and sent along the design.  He is devoted to faceting and has been instrumental in having Faceting introduced into the Jewelry Program at the University of Barcelona. 


The Guiu Dopper is an accessory that lets you set your dop in an optimum position on the rough, to assure maximum yield.  You position and control the rough relative to the dop mechanically—precisely (the picture tells the story better than words).  The depth of insertion of the rough is settable, and then X and Y positioning is easily done.  No more “eyeballing” it in.   As you well know, a very little off on a small piece of rough, will lose a big percentage of the stone.  The Guiu Dopper gives you control that translates into minimum material loss—and maximum yield.   


















Guiu Doppers come as Kits, including an Aluminum Pencil for marking the target on the rough, and a Centering Guide for aligning to the marked target.  You use it in your Transfer Fixture—and you use whatever dopping technique you prefer, hot or cold (incidentally, if you do hot dopping, the Guiu Dopper keeps your fingers away from the heat—a blessing).



The Guiu Dopper, Round, Kit (item no. 1746.1) holds rough up to 17.5mm (0.7 inches) 



The Guiu Dopper, Emerald, Kit (item no. 1746.2), is 16mm (0.6 inches)  wide.  



A Guiu Dopper Set (item no. 1746.8)— includes both Round and Emerald Kits —





We recently shipped a large consignment of faceting machines to the Far East. The picture below shows our Richard Diaz waiting for the UPS Man with 40 machines and accessories. A job well done by Richard and the rest of the Ultra Tec production team !!





Until next time ..... 

 Joe Rubin



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