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   May 2005 Edition



Seeking Perfection - The Guiu Girdle Aligner

Nothing is perfect—but that doesn’t stop some people from striving to cut perfect gemstones.   Perfectionists.  The people who we introduce in these pages tend to be perfectionists.  Among them is Jose Luis Guiu, who has come up with an idea for a faceting accessory that can help toward that goal of perfection. 


In 1985 Ultra Tec introduced the now standard keyed transfer system.  That sort of thing had been around for years on competitive machines, but Ultra Tec held off—just normal machining tolerances prevented systems from being very good (and so, since its startup in 1965, Ultra Tec supplied a you-adjust-it system).  In the ‘80’s however, new machining tools became so accurate that the old tolerances, measured in thousandths of an inch, were transformed to ten-thousandths accuracy.  That was close enough to perfect that we could supply a keyed system that is very good—and so we did. 

Now, I didn’t say perfect – I said very good.  Well, very good wasn’t good enough for Jose Luis—he’s a perfectionist.  And so he came up with the Guiu Girdle Aligner—a parallel bar 2 inches long that can be affixed to your stone to allow you to adjust girdle position after transfer to almost perfect.  Pictures tell the story best.  Figure 1 shows the Guiu Girdle Aligner in place—Index at 0, angle at 90 degrees, set onto a lap.  The error in transfer parallelism can be seen—to small to detect on the small girdle facet, but magnified out over the 2 inch length of the bar, clearly visible.  Figure 2  shows the position after adjustment of the Index Vernier.  The adjustment can be by eye, or “felt in” with paper.

Don’t call me to ask if you take off the Guiu Girdle Aligner before proceeding to facet because I won’t answer you.





Guiu Girdle Aligners are available.  They are $74  (item number 1750.1)



So long for now...

Joe Rubin



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