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   May 2009 Edition







 What nicer present than a DAD for MOM? 


I’ll bet that many of you remember the old comic books.  They were always issued with the cover showing a date for the next month.  It added to the excitement of Superman’s new adventure to know that it was next month’s news—in advance!  So, following on that excellent plan, you are receiving this May SomeTimes in April.  It takes a lot of pressure off of me. (Maybe the comic books are still doing that—do they exist?—I stopped reading them several years ago).

MOTHER’S DAY IS MAY 10TH.  What nicer present than a DAD for MOM? 

And, what nicer present for DAD than a DAD?  Father’s Day is June 21st.  You faceters may wish to leave this handy HINT FORM on the coffee table.           

MOM and DAD would love the DAD.

 Its only $780.  Easy to install and calibrate.  Takes away uncertainty in making angle settings—and in reaching the target position.


I’m happy to say there have been no “lukewarm” reactions—the most common adjectives are “wow”, “awesome”, and “great”.  It’s not a good present for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day—it’s a great present.

The name “DAD”?  Well, I’ve finally realized it’s not a digital angle “dial”—but it is a digital angle “display” —so the nifty nickname DAD stays with it.



A Sad Report

A sad report…Glenn Vargas  passed away several weeks ago in Palm Desert, California.  He was 96—a rare person—a native of California.  Martha passed away in 2000.

 I was a novice in the faceting world when I met Glenn and his wife Martha in 1972.  Glenn, author of Faceting for Amateurs--the faceter’s “bible”— was already legendary, and I was a little awed by the meeting.  They turned out to be warm, friendly, ready for a laugh—and generous in sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for gem faceting.  That’s the way they were, and all of us involved in faceting have benefitted from their presence, and mourn their passing.


Joe Rubin



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