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  June 2002 Edition


Alden & Fran Noyes with Joe Rubin during their recent visit


A Visit to Ultra Tec

We were visited recently by a long-time faceter, Alden Noyes, and his wife Fran. They stopped by to have some minor adjustment made to Alden’s machine. I first met them—this is a pretty close recollection—about 25 years ago. I realized back then that Alden was one of the most enthusiastic faceters around, and, I’m pleased to report that at 84 years old, he still is.

Alden’s started faceting at the time of their 25th wedding anniversary, when they purchased an Ultra Tec (“In preference,” Fran says, “to the traditional Silver Trays that would only need lots of polishing.”) They’ve now celebrated their 57th anniversary (!), so it’s been a long time faceting—and many many faceted stones. They’re particularly proud of a group of replicas of famous diamonds that Alden did in CZ—the set includes the Hope Diamond, the Tiffany, the Apple Green, and others.

Fran reports that Alden facets “almost every day—keeps him out of trouble”. And she keeps out of trouble by working—if you can imagine, she retired from her last job, one that she started at age 79, only weeks ago, right before her 83rd birthday!

Are you a betting person? Here’s some advice: Will Alden keep on faceting? Bet on it.

Has Fran finally decided to stay around the house—not taking on new employment? Don’t bet on it.  

Nice folks—nice Ultra Tec Family folks.


So long for now...

Joe Rubin

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