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   June / July 2005 Edition
















“It has been a great father-son experience for me.” 

Will Loomans is just 12 years old, and will turn 13 on August 12th.  I learned about Will several months ago.  It was after Will had been in faceting classes for while--and his Dad, John, and others in the class, watching Will’s progress, realized that he is a faceting “natural”.  John Loomans did the right thing—he got Will a new Ultra Tec—so he could work at home and not just at school.

Yes, it really is his son’s machine—and John gets to use it once in a while—“… when I can get the machine away from him”.  You all know my theory about people with the “faceting gene”—well, Will has it—and how about Dad John?  (There must be something about this inheritance idea).

From a letter to me from John Loomans…

“…Will and I both are going to faceting class, taught by Mr. Tyler Miller, at the Mt. Clemens Gem and Lapidary Society.  Evelyn Valliere, a person I work with, found this class last June and she raved about Mr. Miller. We went to the next class and were given a dopped stone and using school machines, we began our faceting.

We have gone to almost every Monday night class that we could, depending on Will's school schedule.   If he had a test coming up, or lots of homework, we wouldn’t go—that is, unless Will could get it done in the two hour car ride to and from the class.  Every Monday, my wife would bring Will to my work, or he would come with me.  We’d leave from there, one of our rituals being a stop at a McDonalds, about a mile from the class.

A high point for us recently was the Roseville gem show to which Will was invited as a demonstrator.  We went to the Show, across town, in a blizzard, thinking that Will would demonstrate for a couple of hours—but, we spent seven hours there--and I could barely get him to stop to eat.  For Will, it was an honor to sit next to Bill Schell, Mr Millers teacher (imagine--his teacher’s teacher!).

Well, besides faceting, Will really has the Loomans gift of gab.  What a salesman. Kids his age would come by and he would stop faceting, show them some of his rough, the stone he was working on, and finished stones he had cut.  Will really enjoyed being a teacher.  Many older people came up to me and told me how proud they were of me, that I must be doing something right, especially when I told them how old he was.

Well, I facet too—when I can—that is, when I can get the machine away from Will.  A few months ago, I completed a beautiful green 10 carat Cushion Cut YAG that I had made into a gold pendant for my wife, for her birthday.  It was made from an original piece of rough that Will and I divided into two pieces.  Will faceted the second piece to give to his mother for Mothers Day, ( a minor miracle getting the stone away from him).  He completed it in time for her Mother’s Day ring.

It all has been a great father-son experience for me.

John Loomans



So long for now...

Joe Rubin



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