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   July 2004 Edition



The SomeTimes Bulletin got its name from the old SomeTimes Newsletter that Ultra Tec used to send out, in the good ol’ pre-Internet days, some times.  Now days, the Bulletin is getting so regular that we should probably change the name—but RegularTimes doesn’t have a ring to it.  Also, keeping it SomeTimes keeps the pressure off us to HAVE TO do it.  These are nice days for going to the beach, watching the Lakers win again (or not!) , facet that rough that’s been savin’ up -- whatever…


PLACES TO LEARN  FACETING...                                                          

THE MIDWEST FACETERS GUILD SEMINAR  is August 20-22 in Flint, Michigan. 

 We talked about this excellent event in our prior SomeTimes Bulletin.   Hands-on classes, from beginning to advanced levels—check out their program on the Guild’s website.  For more information or to request a registration packet, contact Tyler Miller, 2071 West Reid Road, Flint, MI 48507 or Telephone: (810) 655-6530 or by E-mail tmiller277@comcast.net .  Don’t delay—these classes could fill up.


Kirk Kirkland, an Ultra Tec Rep from Gainesville, Fla, writes, in telling us about his future plans—“…Then it's on to William Holland [School] in September for refresher courses in advanced faceting.  If any of our readers are interested in a rock hound's dream vacation and at the same time advance their knowledge of lapidary skills, then visit www.lapidaryschool.org  They won't be disappointed.  (How can anyone be disappointed with a week in the hills of North Georgia, all you can eat of gourmet food, room, and five days of class in a lapidary skill of one's choice...all for $260?)”. 

Check it out.  Click on that website or google in “William Holland School”.


Updates on the GUIU Dopper.

 We’re pleased to have gotten this feedback from Todd Shinskey of ‘Todz Rox’, in Denver, who said:  I recently purchased the Guiu Dopper set…I have to say they are the best investment I’ve made in this hobby/business since I started 4 years ago.  They are extremely well made, easy to use (virtually self explanatory!), and work perfectly in aligning small expensive material for the best cutting…thank you for developing such a great product… My hat is off to you for the design and development of this dopper system.  You have really come up with a product which fills a niche for which there was nothing but need.” 


And now a larger Guiu Dopper! ...  


Todd Shinskey, and several other faceters (including Mr. Guiu himself), urged us to make a larger-sized version of the Guiu Dopper.   These faceters, having had experience with the original Guiu Doppers, were eager maximize yields on large stones too, and asked for larger diameter Guiu Doppers.  They were persistent, they were right, so we have done it and they are available—about 40% larger.  Large and small, the Guiu Doppers are very precise, and all stainless steel--not cheapie stuff--but if you are working with natural rough, the improved yield will pay back for them quickly (they are on our price list – click here).



And, if you didn’t notice the original announcement of the Guiu Dopper, and you are wondering what this is all about, go to the “SomeTimes Archives” and click on “Fall 2003 Edition


77 Index Gear    

In the last Bulletin we announced that Jim Perkins subject when he speaks at the Midwest Seminar will be 'The advantages of designing diagrams with odd symmetry', and that he would be illustrating his talk with the Coliseum Cut, for which he designed using the 77 Index Gear.  That stirred some interest in 77’s—so, I confirm that we do have 77 Index Gears available, and that we will be happy to deliver them with a set of designs—including Jim’s Coliseum Cut.  I did a bit of Web searching and found additional 77 designs that we’ll include: Billy’s 77 Whirl and Impacto.  I searched the Web for 77 Index Designs, and among some other sites, up popped a particularly nice one --“Dan Clayton’s Faceting Page”—new to me, with many designs.   Another “Check it out”.

Have a nice Summer. Whoops—you folks in New Zealand and Australia, have a nice Winter.

So long for now...

Joe Rubin



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