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  July and August 2008 Edition







45 years ago!

This is a picture of the head of the 26th Ultra Tec production machine—it’s headed to the “Museum”.  We thought you might be interested in the photo.  We here enjoyed looking at it—the basic engineering features that have made Ultra Tec such a successful machine were “there at birth”.

NOW—retaining those engineering basics-- NEW PAJAMAS




This change is very apparent, but it’s mostly just new pajamas.


It’s the same Ultra Tec V2R—with a new Angle Dial Case.  The Angle Dial sub-assembly consists of exactly the same components we used before—except for the Case.

 The advantage of the new Case is that it protects the exposed gears from splash-back of water and polishing powders.  This was something of a problem to commercial cutting operations where machines were in constant use—those people urged us to provide protection for the gears.  For most of you, that’s been a very little problem, or no problem—but in any event, these new pajamas cover the matter.  So. That’s the new look.



There’s much pressure to raise prices.  Every time we purchase metals the price goes up.  Any time we purchase anything these days, the price goes up.  BUT—we recognize that potential customers are in the same financial “squeeze”.  So, we’re trying intend to hold the line for now.  It all reflects a weakening of the American Dollar—so, for overseas customers, American goods, including Ultra Tec of course, becomes a bargain—and hopefully enough people will take advantage of it.


PAYPAL   For your information, we are now set up to accept payment through Paypal.


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