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  August 2002 Edition




Grandpa Joe and Grandson Michael -- we'll let you figure out which is which.

My 8 year-old grandson, Michael, lives in Ventura - not so far away - but far enough so that Grandma Maxine and I don't get to see him as much as we'd like. We have an enticement, however, that gets him into the "let's visit Grandpa" mode - the Faceting Machine. Michael revealed very early in life that he possesses the "love-gemstones gene" (so he was born into the right family - and he likes the idea that his working future might be at Ultra Tec -- a third generation!).

He was on a camping trip in the California Desert last February when some Oregon people rolled into the campground, returning from Tucson, where they were selling their Sunstone rough. That was an exciting encounter for Michael, and the conversation quickly moved to faceting. They gave Michael some nice pieces of Sunstone - and that's what he and I worked on a few weeks ago. Together, we sized-up the rough, Michael selected a design, and we got to work. He loved it. Hey, I loved it. This doesn't take a lot of writing - the pictures tell the story.


We cut Jeff Graham's "Angel" design. It was just right -- pretty easy to cut, and with many relatively small quick-to-polish facets. Michael loved it -- he says he has another Sunstone ready for his next visit


It's something very nice that Michael and I can share. I mentioned this to a faceter who had come into Ultra Tec, and he said he had about the same thing going with his grandson. So, I guess it's not unique -- and I invite all you Parents, and Grandma's and Grandpa's into send in your faceting photos. We'll post them at www.ultratec-facet.com - Michael loves the idea of "being on the Web" (you can send them by mail - we can scan them, and return the originals in - or e-mail them).

So long for now...

Joe Rubin

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