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   August 2005 Edition






Summer Miscellany


Some Ultra Tec Reps have been traveling around…

Kirk Kirkland and his wife Nancy visited Moscow (no, not Ohio Russia ), and St. Petersburg (no, not Florida Russia ), including a tour on the Volga River between those two cities.   Kirk wrote… At every stop I looked for faceting material, but found mostly Amber and Malachite.  I had hoped to find Chromium Diopside but to no avail.  Needless to say, they enjoyed this spectacular trip.


Kirk and Nancy on the Moscow Subway.  Kirk is Ultra Tec’s Rep in Gainesville (yes, Florida ), where he is active with the Gainesville Gem Club.



Jose Luis Guiu (Ultra Tec Rep— Spain ) visited Hubert Heldner and Katerina Kestemont (Ultra Tec Reps – Switzerland ) at the location of the Hubert and Katerina’s shop (and school), Artistes de Bijoux, on the shores of Lake Geneva .


Afterwards, they met again, visiting the big Sainte Marie aux Mines Minerals/Gems Exhibition, Strasbourg , in Alsace (France) .



Back at home 

Back at home in Santa Ana (Sigh) ,,,  We’ve recently run new Dial Indicator Attachments, and while we were at it we ran several Left Sided ones, in response to requests.  There are several extras, so if you want one of those, speak up now (if we ever run more is questionable). 

So long for now...

Joe Rubin



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