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August 2010


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in this issue...
-- Meeting Hubert Heldner
-- Franklin Faceters Frolic - the FFF3
-- "I wish I would have had it when I started cutting"
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To all of you in the Ultra Tec family.

man on gem safari Several weeks ago I was talking to Lisa Elser who has written interesting reports about the Gem Safari in Tanzania (google them - check them out). I commented that, at 80, perhaps I was "too old" to go on the Safari. I said the same thing to Hubert Heldner, the trip leader. Both of them said words to the effect that "you're never too old" - and went on to provide the "evidence".

Lisa said that on her trip there was a woman in her 70's who started out thinking that she would just sit around the swimming pool, but who ended up doing the safari and taking faceting lessons and loving it all. And, Hubert Heldner, who organizes the Safari, told me about Janusz Meier, in his 80's, an architect and lapidary enthusiast from Canada - he's the man in the photo - finding facet rough - Hubert said " we had a lot of fun".

Now, I see as a matter of fact, that you can enjoy the Safari at any age - as long as you love finding good gem rough. This picture - the lineup at the bus - gives you an idea of what the typical group is like--from 17 to 70, all having a great time.

More on the Gem Safari

gem safari group You can find out more about the Safari by going to Hubert Heldner's website - www.free-form.ch - and click your way there to Safari information.

The next Safari is in January 2011. It's a good time to start thinking about it. It's an incredible trip - incredible scenery - interesting people - and hey - are you interested in gem rough?


Meeting Hubert Heldner
joe and hubertMEETING HUBERT HELDNER - and spending some time with him is not the least of it. Hubert is a faceter and teacher extraordinaire. For any years he has taught faceting at his Free Form Artists Institute in Montreux, Switzerland. Hubert is an exceptional faceter himself - and an exceptional teacher. We met with Hubert Heldner during the Tucson Show last February.

The next faceting classes, in Montreaux, are in September.


guberts aqamarine cropped To the right is an Aquamarine cut by Hubert -- see this and other stones on his website.

More at the Free From Faceters website

Franklin Faceters Frolic - the FFF3
Dalan at FFF3 The third edition of the Franklin (North Caroline) Faceters Frolic is now history - a good time, and an educational time was had by all of the attendees. Special thanks and recognition to Roy Kersey, Will Smith, and John Campbell for the hard (but Roy quickly interjects, "enjoyable") work that went into organizing FFF3 (they are already talking about FFF4!) and, of course, to the speakers: Jon Rolfe, Marsh Howard, Mary Lou Kick, and Dalan Hargrave.

Dalan Hargrave discussed Fantasy and Concave cutting - a presentation accompanied by slides. Dalan is a master of lapidary arts - and his work serves as an inspiration.


Fortunately he enjoys lecturing and luckily for all of us he wants to impart his knowledge to other lapidary enthusiasts. Too often, techniques in the lapidary arts are lost because they are kept as secrets -- that isn't Dalan -- he's eager to impart his knowledge. He's not just a master of it, he's a lover of it. His instruction books will be out soon.

Dalan's complete talk is available on Ultra Tec's FACEBOOK Page. It's an hour long, in four parts - he's an entertaining speaker.

A DVD containing a higher resolution copy of Dalan's and the other talks, along with more coverage of FFF3 is coming soon from the organizers.

See Dalan Hargave's Talk at FFF3

"I wish I would have had it when I started cutting"
dalan concave articleThese were Dalan's words about the Ultra Tec Fantasy Machine. We are most pleased that he's excited about it.

Dalan was also good enough to send us an excerpt from his upcoming New book on Concave and Fantasy Faceting. Its in the ULTRA TEC on-line library, or you can download a copy by clicking below.

Darlan Hargrave Article on Concave Faceting

facebook link inage Ultra Tec Faceting has a thriving little community on FACEBOOK. Take a look at our page for interesting links and updates. 

We welcome all our Ultra Tec cousins as FANS -- your, pictures, experiences, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Ultra Tec's FACEBOOK Page



We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin.

Bye for now


small ut faceting logo The Ultra Tec Team


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