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     September 2002 Edition




I used to say that the second best faceting machine in the World is an old used Ultra Tec. I still think that's true, but I must say, it's usually a distant second.

There are a number of reasons for my saying that, reasons that were equally true some years ago, but I've kept this opinion to myself because it seems so self-serving. I can't blame someone who thinks, "Sure, Joe doesn't want me to buy a used machine, because then I'm not buying a new machine." I admit -- of course, I'd rather we sold a new machine. But, you should nevertheless think about it -- I think you should rather buy a new machine, for reasons that we here at the factory are well aware of, but you may not be. It's tempting to go into lots of detail, but I'll keep it short.

Most significantly, the real cost of purchasing of a used machine very rarely ends at the original purchase price. Almost always the used machine needs upgrade or repair, and that quickly narrows the price gap between the used machine and a new one. More than once, in recent months, I've heard on the phone "I would have been better off just getting a new machine". That's right.

No one ever said "I've bought a heavily used, very old, machine"--ever.

Everyone says, "I've bought a hardly used, not very old machine." They believe it (that's what they were told. Even the seller may believe it, having forgotten when he purchased it). In comes the machine, for a calibration-a tune up-and we examine it. Now, I'm not going to say that they are all heavily used, old and abused, but some are. And some of them are only one of those three things, but that's enough to lead to the refrain "I would have been better off just getting a new machine".

Let's assume the best, that the machine IS lightly used and well maintained (a well maintained Ultra Tec is good for many years-we're proud of that).

Most often, it's just not so new (Ultra Tec has been around for over 30 years, so there are some oldies out there). Think about this-Ultra Tec has made over 25 upgrades over those years, some of them very apparent, some not-but each one significant to the machine's performance. All of the upgrades can be retrofit - but not for free. That often ends up with a big bill at Ultra Tec-installing important upgrades.

So, there's the cost of upgrades (oh yes, if you are "into" faceting, you'll want them), the cost of repairs, and the cost of calibration. Now, if you purchased a new Ultra Tec you would have all of the current upgrades, original and factory installed, a new tested and calibrated machine and the original-owner lifetime warranty.

Now that I've reread this, it strikes me that I'm probably only writing what you already know-but even so, maybe it will make you think about it. You know the saying: "When's the last time you got a bargain?"-that didn't come from nowhere. Before you jump on that "bargain," talk to a sensible friend-perhaps your wife or husband.

I like "sayings"- the other one that comes to mind is "Look before you leap."

Think about it-a new Ultra Tec is not $30,000. It's $3,000. That's only $3,000 more than free, and you don't usually get a used machine for free.

Have you read our ad? Don't you deserve the best?


So long for now...

Joe Rubin

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