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   September 2008 Edition








YESSICA -- A fond “Bon Voyage” – and a wish for GOOD LUCK!



Those of you who have called into Ultra Tec in recent years, have probably spoken to Yessica Cervantes.  When I say “recent years” I mean the last 22 years (!), because that’s how long Yessica worked for Ultra Tec.  When she started, she was still in High School, working part time in our office—a shy young lady (befitting her age) and smart, and nice. 

As time went by, she managed marriage and a family (a son and a daughter), and, at Ultra Tec, Yessica grew into an important role—handling communications (with you), and the myriad tasks involved in the Ultra Tec office—a “juggling act” at which she was expert.

Now, she’s reached a point in her life where she can pursue something that was always close to her heart—a second career in Nursing (as a matter of fact, included in her “juggling act” was being Ultra Tec’s first-aid lady).  So, for Yessica, it is back to full time school—headed for that Nursing Degree.  She has the “smarts”—she has a gifted way of relating to people--we know she’ll be great at it.

Before leaving, Yessica trained Ta'Nisha Cameron, and hers is the new voice on the phone.    





A CHANCE TO LEARN FROM A MASTER FACETER.  I should say, a chance to learn from a GRANDMASTER.  Don Dunn—winner of many faceting awards—is now offering one-on-one faceting lessons.  During the years of the “Faceters Fairs”, we learned to expect that Don Dunn’s name would figure among the competition winners--you could bet on it—you’d win your bet.  In recent years, Don has been active with the US Faceters Guild. 


Home base for Don is Dayton Ohio.  Whether you are a beginner, or someone with experience, you may be interested in this opportunity.  Contact Don—his phone number is 937 426 5112, and his email is dunnduck@sbcglobal.net.


We’ll be back in touch soon… There's exciting news afoot


Joe Rubin



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