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September 2011



In this issue...

DAD...Comments from the pro's....

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Concave and Fantasy Cutting....


INTRODUCING -- A New Representative

 Welcome to the latest edition of The SomeTimes Newsletter! 

Thank you for your continued interest in Ultra Tec's lapidary products. 


DAD -- Comments from the pro's...


It's interesting, but not surprising, that professional cutters are much more conservative than hobbyists about changes and upgrades -- a professional cutter, with an on-going business is understandingly reluctant to "rock the boat".  Their rule is: If things are moving along OK, don't change anything.  But, sooner or later, if the possibility of "better or faster" exists they'll get around to trying it.  We've said that the DAD is better and faster - they've tried it -- and here are comments from two professionals who waited a long time to use the DAD...


Hubert Heldner 

Hubert Heldner writes - from Switzerland


"I have finally tested the digital Ultra Tec. It is comfortable and convincing. The angles are easier to read, no confusion or mixup possible. -- I will teach on digital units in my workshop!"   


                                            Stephen Kotlowski writes - from Arizona   Stephen Kotlowski


"I've been faceting for 43 years, and using the DAD is like discovering faceting all over again.  This is the best upgrade ever!   It helps me in my faceting business --  I have clearly reduced my setup time and speeded my progress during faceting.  I like using the settable beeper as an audible stop point, set to 0.01 degrees."   





dad medium close upMaybe you've been waiting?  The DAD comes as Kit and can be installed on any Ultra Tec Faceting Machine, however old it may be.  The do-it-yourself installation instructions are good, and most people have done that, but, if you want to send in your Mast and have us do the injstallation, that's fine - there's no added charge (there is an incidental advantage to having us do the installation -- we'll calibrate the Mast while we're at it)


The DAD Kit is $780.  (order code 1314.1 - specify right side Mast or Left side Mast)





Concave and Fantasy Cutting... 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ John Dyer Concave Cut













dyer face 10-10

John Dyer



This stone is pictured here for inspiration!


It's a 19ct. Morganite cut by John Dyer on his Ultra Tec Fantasy Machine


- for those of you who are thinking - what sort of cutting could I do?








Is there any worthier subject than this?  We've long had an article in the "Library" on the subject, Computer Generated Cutting Diagrams,  written by Grover Sparkman.  The article contains good background information - good to read even if you do switch to the computer program, described below, to do the calculations.


Download Grover Sparkman's Article Here...



Grover Sparkman

Grover Sparkman

There are two aspects involved in planning the use of your rough.  The more important one is "getting the most" - but the other is important too.  As Grover Sparkman said, in wrapping up his article: "...planning the use of your rough--using the dimensional ratios--beats starting to work on a stone because the rough "sort of" looks OK--and then modifying sizes as the work proceeds. We've all done that..."  Yes indeed, most faceters have "done that" - a slow and often frustrating "cut and try". Planning the use of your rough will improve yield and your pleasure.


Well, on this subject, we recently got an email from Taz Wilks of Thagoona (where's that? Near Brisbane in Queensland).  It said...


Taz Wilks


"I was just having a poke around in your library and noticed the Computer Generated Cutting Diagrams article.  I see that it discusses getting the most out of your rough by using length/ width calculations.  I have released a small application that allows these and other design parameters to be entered into it, pick your gemstone type and then it will calculate it all for you (including upper and lower weights) instead of having to do it manually each time."  


The application is free and can be downloaded here... 



Screenshot from the Gemsize Software




 INTRODUCING-- A New Representative




 We Welcome Joe Lyczak

 ... Knoxville, Maryland


Joe Lyczak

Joe Lyczak

Joe Lyczak of Knoxville, Maryland is our new representative in the 

general Washington DC area.  Joe began his faceting hobby a few years ago, and he reports "...I'm still learning to perfect my skills, and I'm getting ready to enter faceting competitions.  My interest grew from watching my wife collect some 'pretty rocks' and seeing them turned into jewelry. I thought about those pretty rocks and decided to give faceting a try myself".  Well, Joe did - and he fell in love with faceting.  He's been hooked ever since (much to his wife Karen's appreciation, needless to say).  He's enjoys his faceting and he enjoys showing people how it works - turning rough material into a beautiful gem.








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Thank you as always for your interest in Ultra Tec and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Bulletin.


Bye for now!


The Ultra Tec Team

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