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V2 Machinery - Owners Manual - Manual De Uso


We are pleased to make V2 Owners Manuals available ONLINE, so if you lose your copy you can download it here.

To DOWNLOAD a Manual - just click on one of  the links below .......and don't forget to have ADOBE ACROBAT READER downloaded first (its FREE to download), OR click on the image of each manual to be directed to an on-line reader.


Faceting Machine Manuals

                                     >>   V2D Digital Faceting Machine Owners Manual

                               >>  V2R Analog Faceting Machine Owners Manual


Manual De Uso                                     

                               >>   V2D Digital Faceting Machine Manual De Uso

                               >>  V2R Analog Faceting Machine Manual De Uso


Fantasy Machine Manual

                                      >> Fantasy Machine Manual                

Concave Faceting Machine Manual

                                   >> Concave Machine Manual


Manuals for Faceting Accessories

                               >>   DAD (Digital Angle Dial) Installation Guide

                               >>   Stop Indicator (supplied after 2001) - 1510.1  

                               >>  Rotator - 1407.7                                

                               >>  Facet Saw Kit - 1357.7

                                       >>  Offset Attachment - 1816.7

                                >>  Dial Indicator Attachment - 1305.7

                                >>  Guiu Dopper 1746.X and 1747.X          

                                >>  Speed Control - Replacement - 1668.1

                                      >>  Drive Cone Installation 4404.1            


>> latest page updates: October 17, 2011

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