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Celebrating 57 years of excellence and prize-winning performance — ULTRA TEC welcomes you to our website where we hope you will be able to view the specifications of our advanced gem faceting equipment, accessories and supplies. We offer both flat ‘classic’ faceting equipment and fantasy faceting machinery to expand your designs.   We also offer larger glass cutting machines for the newest applications.

You’ll notice that we have a following of dedicated faceters throughout the world. There may well be a local faceting club, or dedicated dealer, near you to expand your skills and a place to share your experiences.  Our large social media presence helps to spread the understanding of our equipment. With our online store we seek to provide clear and concise information, fair pricing and a modern, effective check-out for your lapidary purchasing needs.

Thank you for your interest in ULTRA TEC’s Faceting products!

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Faceting Machines

A range of Classic, Fantasy and Glass machinery for all those interested in gem faceting as either a hobby or a commercial activity.

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A range of accessory items to further extend the application of our machines – and the enjoyment of the art and craft of faceting.

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Polishing Supplies

A wide range of laps, dops and other consumable items for extended use of our equipment.

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