BATT Lap (8" diameter)


ProductOrder CodePriceBuy
Polishing Laps - BA5T Lap6570.7$290.00
Polishing Laps - Last Lap2344.7$178.00
Polishing Laps - Zinc6578.7$115.00
Polishing Laps - Master Lap2332.7$65.00
Polishing Laps - Pure Tin6533.7$443.00
Polishing Laps - Batt Lap2381.7$238.00


ULTRA TEC is proud to announce our exclusive manufacturing and licensing arrangement with Gearloose. The renowned BATT Lap is now available, and IN STOCK, at our website.


BATT LAP History:

Developed by inventor, John Rolfe of Gearloose, and refined over 3 decades, the proprietary tin-based material has already sold over 8,000 pieces and continues help revolutionize modern faceting.

BATT Lap has subsequently become the backbone of many-a-faceters’ polishing process for the widest range of gem materials.

Since ULTRA TEC first became aware of BATT, we have heard the stunning reviews of its efficacy. We’ve watched BATT, along with other Gearloose inventions, grow in stature throughout the Faceting market.

ULTRA TEC adds manufacturing muscle to extend the availability of BATT for any faceter who needs to get the best polishing finishes out of their Faceting equipment. We are pleased to add BATT lap as one our key  ‘TOOLS OF THE TRADE’.

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