Digital Angle Dial Kit (DAD)

AN UPGRADE FOR ANALOG ULTRA TEC MACHINES The DAD -- shown mounted in replacement for the Analog Angle Dial that was standard on all machines prior to October 2008. The DAD Replacement Kit includes step-by-step instructions and a calibration block for the initial setup. DAD stores the initial calibration permanently. DAD utilizes advanced encoder technology and allows setting of the angle to true 0.01 degree accuracy and repeatability. It reads–out through the entire cutting sequence (it has an optionally-on buzzer for signaling the end point).
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Digital Angle Dial Kit (DAD) - RIGHT1314.1R$1,085.00
Digital Angle Dial Kit (DAD) - LEFT1314.1L$1,085.00

Setting the angle to its hundredth-of-a-degree accuracy is EASY, COMFORTABLE, and ERROR FREE—It leaves behind the uncertainty (and the “feeling” of uncertainty) that accompanied setting vernier positions, and that, as a bonus, saves the time spent in re-checking the vernier-set angle. Power cord and adapter for 110V or 220V is included.

The DAD has had an excellent record of Reliability.

Here are a few of the comments that we’ve gotten:

● “I have an older model ULTRA TEC but recently upgraded with the DAD. The new experience with digital technology is like going from night to day. Wow!!”

● “Just a note to let you know that I am fascinated with my new DAD.”

● “I want to congratulate you and your crew on the DAD attachment. It is fantastic! I have now cut about a dozen stones with it and love it!”

● “ It`s the greatest … it’s made a big difference for me. Now I can do those cuts I always wanted to try.”

● “…this wonderful piece of technology will allow me to save major time in the cutting of any design.”

Item no. 1314.1 (R or L)