Cyano Acrylate Dopping Adhesive

Loctite 404 .3oz Bottle
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Cyano Acrylate Dopping Adhesive2557$42.00

The Dopping Adhesive that we offer is Loctite 404 (a “CA super glue” selected from a range of others).  Fast-acting and reliable – ready to facet 5 minutes after application (give it a tug to confirm adhesion).  Often used in conjunction with a formed wax.  A drop will accomplish the adhesion task.  Caution: CA adhesives can stick to your skin – so, careful with your fingers.  The 3 oz bottle has a one-year shelf-life, kept in refrigeration – there are many ”drops” in that bottle. Remove the stone from the dop by soaking in acetone or (in transferring) by application of heat to the Dop.

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