Dresser Sticks, Al Ox 240, set of 3

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Dresser Sticks, Al Ox 240, set of 32558.7$32.00

Aluminum Oxide Dressing bars are used for dressing diamond laps and diamond saw blades.

If your diamond laps and saw blades have lost their diamond coating, it may be that they just need to be dressed, or sharpened by running an aluminum oxide dressing bar over the surface for five to ten seconds with water running.  This smooths and sharpens  the diamond particles.  With water running, press an edge of the stick against the belt or disk for 5-10 seconds. The edge that you have pressed against the belt or disk will be worn down. In dressing saw blades, gently push the Dresser Stick into the cutting edge, allowing the saw to cut into the bar while flushing the lap or blade with water.

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