Emerald Dop Sets

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Emerald Dop Sets - 8 Dops (5x2.5, 6x3, 8x3.5, 9.5x4) Flat and Vee2291.1$148.00
Emerald Dop Sets - 6 Dops (12.5x5.3, 15.9x3, 8x3.5, 19x4.5) Flat and Vee2291.2$140.00


By definition – the emerald shape is long and narrow – and so, inappropriate to support with a round shape.  So, Emerald dops are long and narrow so that the Dop, in its long dimension offers adequate support for the long dimension of the stone, and in its narrow dimension does not interfere with the narrow dimension of the stone.

Sets of Emerald Dops are offered – sets being a variety of standard length-width ratios and “extra thins”

Emerald Dops are not keyed, because the long side of the shaped stone provides an easy reliable alignment after the stone is transferred.


Proposition 65 Warning

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