Polishing Laps

A wide range of laps for the world of colored stones and crystals. Typically used with diamond or oxide abrasives - except where noted in the table. All laps are 8 inch (200mm) diameter with 0.5 inch (12.7mm) diameter center hole.
ProductOrder CodeDescriptionRecommended ForPriceBuy
Last Lap2344.7

Pelletized metal-epoxy matrix

General purpose$178.00

Fast pre-polish or polish

General purpose$115.00
Master Lap2332.7

Flat aluminum support

Used with Ultra Laps or toppers$65.00
Pure Tin6533.7

Pure-rolled tin laminated to a Master lap

Traditional – polishes all$443.00
Batt Lap2381.7

Popular & proprietary tin alloy. Pre-polish through to final polish

Fluorite to sapphire$238.00

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