Polishing Laps


A wide range of laps for the world of colored stones and crystals. Typically used with diamond or oxide abrasives – except where noted in the table. All laps are 8 inch (200mm) diameter with 0.5 inch (12.7mm) diameter center hole.



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Product Description


Product Order Code Price    Qty Description Recommended for
BATT Lap 2381.7 $158
Popular & unique tin alloy. Pre-polish through to final polish Fluorite to sapphire
BA5T Lap 6570.7 $215
Tin alloy for high-speed super accurate final polish Fluorite to sapphire
Copper 2351.7 $172
Solid copper (not laminated) Harder stones, 7 Mohs and above
Darkside Lap 6571.7 $102
Ceramic composite for final polish with diamond or oxide Quartz with cerium oxide
Greenway Lap 6572.7 $100
‘Just-add-water’ chrome oxide lap Emerald, quartz, garnet, tourmaline
Creamway Lap 6573.7 $100
‘Just-add-water’ zirconium oxide lap Fast quartz polishing
Lightside Lap 6576.7 $115
Replacement for wax laps – use with oxides Fluorite, apatite, rhodochrosite, and other stones under 5 Mohs
DiaMatrix Lap 6574.7 $155  
Microporous ceramic composite – use with diamond Hard stones –corundum, CZ, moissanite, topaz
Zinc + 6578.7 $100
Fast pre-polish or polish General purpose
Tin + 6537.7 $105
Tin-based laminate, hardness between Pure Tin and BATT For hardness 4 to 8 Mohs, sapphire


Pure Tin 6533.7 $343
Pure-rolled tin laminated to a Master lap Traditional – polishes all
Matrix Lap 6571.7 $135
Ceramic composite– for oxides or diamond polish From fluorite to moissanite
Master Lap 2332.7 $65
Flat aluminum support Used with Ultra Laps or toppers
Last Lap 2344.7 $178
Pelletized metal-epoxy matrix General purpose
Finalap 2344.9 $135
Composite with resin surface – for diamond polish General purpose

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