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Tin – Corian – Finalap – Batt Lap – Master Lap – BATT Lap  and more…



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There are more than a few polishing Laps from which to choose.  The ones with the double bullets (**) are polishing Laps that we recommend for a beginning faceter. (Many of these laps are used with Diamond compound – please be aware that after charging a lap with a particular diamond particle size it becomes a “dedicated” lap for the particle size you used – you can use that lap for a larger particle size but not a finer particle size).

  • BATT Lap ** – A very popular and versatile Lap. A unique Tin alloy, for use with any of the commonly-used oxides – OR charged with any diamond compound.  BATT is commonly used for prepolishing, with either 3000 or 8000 mesh diamond, in preparation for final polish with a 50000 or even 100000 mesh diamond.
  • BA5T Lap – a different alloy from the BATT (and more expensive), it is aimed at high-speed final polishing. The BA5T alloy provides excellent results – the lower coefficient of friction provides a different “feel” – popular with commercial and professional cutters.
  • DARKSIDE Lap ** – For final polish. Easy-to-charge and use, the Darkside Lap outperformed expectations and has become very popular. Particularly effective for quartz using Cerium Oxide, it allows the use of the whole range of diamond and oxide polishes. User-friendly for beginners.
  • GREENWAY Lap – This is a just-add-water Lap. Chrome Oxide – with no green mess. It is “the” lap for emeralds – with very favorable feedback from use on quartz, peridot, garnet, sunstone – and in particular, tourmaline.
  • CREAMWAY Lap – Another just-add-water Lap, Zirconium Oxide, more aggressive and faster than Cerium Oxide on polishing quartzes. The Zirconia Battstik  can be used as a “boost” on the Creamway™.
  • LIGHTSIDE Lap –A reduced-friction, gentle Lap a replacement for wax laps. For soft materials such as fluorite, apatite, rhodocrosite and other stones under 5 in hardness. Use with oxides.
  • COPPER Lap — An “old reliable”. Solid copper (not laminated). For polishing harder stones, for prepolishing with 3K, or for cutting, depending on what they have been charged with. Can last a lifetime.
  • TIN+ Lap — An affordable Tin-based laminated lap, the alloy is halfway between Pure Tin and BATT in hardness (commonly substituted for pure Tin, it give good results with stones from hardness 4 to 8, but will still handle sapphire.
  • TIN – PURE – A pure Tin “old reliable” . Fine grained rolled tin laminated to a master lap producing an excellent final polishing lap. This lap will not develop orange peel – scoring is not required.
  • FINALAP – a composite polishing lap with a dense metallized resin surface which resists grooving and gouging. It readily accepts a diamond charge and requires no break-in time.

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