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The “Regular Handle has been a feature of the ULTRA TEC Mast since its beginning.  It was felt that the Handle’s original design was good ergonomically – the “right way” to facet – guide the stone with the handle and apply pressure to the stone through the handle (the Handle absorbing some of the pressure and so lightening the force applied to the stone).  It has been “the way to do it”.  BUT…We listened to the occasional faceters who said that while faceting they would prefer to hold the Quill itself – or, even the stone itself – and the regular Handle got in the way.  They vocalized their wish for a Short Handle – and so we did it.  It fits to V5’s or V2’s.  The stainless steel Short Handle is easy to install – and easy to replace – held in position by the existing set screw.


Mark reported…

“… I find the Short Handle is more comfortable to use and allows access to the stone without hand contortion from any angle. The ability to access the stone from lower angles has improved my feel and touch, allowing controlled accuracy of cutting depth on all sizes of stones. I am also able to hook my pinky under the rocker and press the handle with my palm to disengage the segment and turn the index gear quickly and accurately. The installation of the new handle is simple and allows for me to switch easily between handles for various applications and cutters.”