Sintered Laps (8″ Diameter)


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Standard diamond laps have a thin layer of diamond, usually electroplated in place with nickel plating. With use, the plated thin layer breaks down and starts cutting like a finer grit.  Sintered laps, on the other hand, have a very thick (3-6 mm) cutting matrix. This contributes to a much longer life and steady, aggressive cutting performance.

Although no exact statistics exist on the long-term economics of metal bonded versus sintered laps, you can probably count on at least ten times more effective cutting time from the more expensive sintered lap.

For many, a sintered lap can provide a lifetime of steady, reliable performance. At a cost only 3-4 times higher than the bonded variety, choosing a sintered Lap makes good financial sense in the long run, but yes, that purchase feels, and is, expensive.

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1200 Grit, 600 Grit

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