Splashpan , Hold Down Rods & Drain Funnel

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Splashpan , Hold Down Rods & Drain Funnel4426.7$369.00

All ULTRA TEC Faceting Machines are delivered with a Splashpan.  Molded from a sturdy rubber – the same rubber as is used for auto tires – it is rare that a Splashpan needs replacement – except for some (not all), dating back to pre-1980, when a less reliably resilient material was used.


Splashpans originally had clips attached to them (as yours may have).  We no longer use clips – instead, for holding down the lip of the Splashguard, there are Hold Down Rods that thread into existing threaded holes in the Baseplate.  See the picture.


Associated with the Splashpan is the DRAIN FUNNEL (which is now standard on Ultra Tec faceting machines).  It is a machined Funnel that fits into the existing drain hole in the Baseplate.  The Drain Hose, that used to attach directly to the Splashpan (and used to complicate cleaning the Splashpan), now attaches to the Funnel (It makes cleaning the Spashpan easy – you can just lift up the Splashpan and take it to the sink for cleaning, without having to detach anything (the Drain Hose stays back with the Funnel).