The GUIU Dopper

José Guiu, of Barcelona, Spain, developed this device, and he’s been getting remarkable yields with it. As always, he’s eager to share his techniques with other faceters. Useful for the centering of all stones - The Guiu Dopper is particularly useful for small stones - where a very small dopping offset results in a large percentage loss of yield. Starting at:
ProductOrder CodePriceBuy
The GUIU Dopper - Round + Emerald (Large)1747.8$290.00
The GUIU Dopper - Round (Large)1747.1$160.00
The GUIU Dopper - Round + Emerald (Small)1746.8$280.00
The GUIU Dopper - Emerald (Small)1746.2$158.00
The GUIU Dopper - Round (Small)1746.1$158.00
The GUIU Dopper - Emerald (Large)1747.2$160.00

The Guiu Dopper’s mechanical holding method provides two significant advantages: 1) it allows you to position the stone relative to the dop for maximum yield – the result of open visibility and certainty of dop placement, and 2) it keeps your fingers out of the way, providing safety for your fingers – away from the flame or away from the sticky stuff.

With the Guiu Dopper, you set your dop in an optimum position on the rough, to assure maximum yield. You position and control the rough relative to the dop mechanically—precisely (the picture tells the story better than words). The depth of insertion of the rough is settable, and then X and Y positioning is easily done – rotary-thread movement enables very fine linear adjustments. No more “eyeballing” it in.

The Guiu Dopper holds the stone firmly. Unlike clay or magnet-based devices it is free of the effects of accidental bumping or gravity induced movement.

All stainless steel construction. Guiu Doppers are available individually, or as paired sets (standard or large). Included with each purchase is an Aluminum Pencil for marking the target on the rough, and a Centering Guide for aligning to the marked target. You use it in your Transfer Fixture—and you use whatever dopping technique you prefer, hot or cold.

Standard Size Guiu Dopper – Round , holds rough up to 17.5mm (0.7 inches)

Standard Size Guiu Dopper – Emerald , holds rough up to 16mm (0.6 inches) wide.

Standard Size Set – both Round and Emerald

Large Size Guiu Dopper – Round Kit, holds rough up to 25mm (1 inch)

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