Ultra Laps

10 Packs 8-inch (200mm) diameter Cerium Oxide - Aluminum Oxide - Chrome Oxide STARTING AT:
ProductOrder CodePriceBuy
Ultra Laps - Chrome OxideM.8105$30.00
Ultra Laps - Cerium OxideM.8101$50.00
Ultra Laps - Aluminum Oxide .3 MicronM.8111$30.00

ULTRALAPS are thin Mylar discs coated with an oxide polishing medium. In use, they are set onto a blank Master Lap (and can also be used on the previously used pre-polish Lap).

The main virtue of ULTRALAPS is that they are fast – immediately ready-to-use, eliminating the need to prepare a slurry, and eliminating the mess that comes with slurry polishing. ULTRALAPS do tend to leave a small rounding of the facet meets – imperceptible on jewelry mounted stones but perceptible under magnification on competition stones.

The ULTRALAP is held to its support Lap by a film of water – in mounting the ULTRALAP, it is placed, shiny side down, onto a water-wet surface and air bubbles are finger-pressed to the perimeter – and out (wetting the top surface of the ULTRALAP allows you to to do that easily).  The wet sub-film of water holds down the ULTRALAP.  During polishing, a water drip is used.

ULTRALAPS are available in packages of ten. All our ULTRALAPS are 8-inch (200mm) in diameter.

The available oxide polishing media are Alumina, Chrome, and the most popular, Cerium Oxide, (NOTE These are now Cream in color (not blue), is particularly good for polishing Quartz). 

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