FANTASY CUTTING -- IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY UNLIMITED Multi-axis precision and repeatability – at your control – enabling true lapidary art. This system is for the experienced V5 faceter who wants to move on to the added challenge and reward of fantasy designs.
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FANTASY MACHINE - LEFT2648.7L$4,498.00
Optional Upgrade     
V5 MAST for FANTASY MACHINE - Digital - Right Mount1607.5FDR$4,190.00
V5 MAST for FANTASY MACHINE - Digital - Left Mount1607.5FLD$4,190.00

NOTE: A V5 MAST is not included with the FANTASY MACHINE unit.  The FANTASY MACHINE is designed for use with the V5 (and the earlier V2) mast.


Fantasy Machine System Package includes:

– Machine – operates at 110 or 220 VAC
– Two Dial Indicators
– Drip Tank
– Splashguard
– Alignment Block
– Spacer Bar
– Cylindrical Tools: 1 each Copper/Maple/Phenolic – diams. 8 mm, 13 mm, 17mm
– Slitting Tools 1 each Copper/Phenolic – 90 degree included angle
– Collet Set (8 pieces).
– Slitting Tool Adapter
– 6mm flat dop

– Owner’s Manual

– ‘Fantasy Cutting’ Book by Dr. Facet


Your finished stones may be intended for use in jewelry – interesting and unique concave cuts for rings, perhaps with unique added features, or, at a larger size and complexity, pendants for necklaces or earrings. Often, they will remain as displayed geometric sculptures, consisting of interesting shapes and reflections.


The positioning mechanisms on the Fantasy machines are:

Your current V5 Faceting Mast provides Z (vertical) positioning and angular indexing – with their fine adjustments.

Initial Alignment – the setting of a “home position” is quickly performed using the Alignment Block that keys directly to the tool-holding Spindle—little room for error—and easy to reset at any time, if necessary.


X — (in-out / left-right) positioning in horizontal plane, lead-screw control, 3’ – 75 mm range. Dial indicator readout.

Y — (side-to-side) positioning in horizontal plane, lead-screw control, 2” – 50 mm range. Dial indicator readout.

Theta angular — positioning in horizontal plane, 5º increments through 180º.


There are two easily settable motor positions – 0º (the setup “home” – seen in main photo) and 90º (seen on the left photo). Tool reciprocation is maintained in line with cutting axis. The top photo shows 0º setup position of motor—for cutting in line with a cylindrical tool axis. The photo on the left shows the motor moved to its alternate position for cutting in line with the edge of a saw-type cutter.

fantasy-tool90degreeTOOL CONTROLS

On the Fantasy Machine there are two motion elements—there is the Tool Drive that provides tool rotation, and there is the Table Drive that provides tool reciprocation.

Independent motors and speed controls.

Drive motor speed 100 – 3000 RPM

Reciprocation speed 0 – 140 RPM. Reciprocation is amplitude adjustable, from 0 to 30 mm (see photo, right).

Safe-voltage 12 V DC/PM Motors are covered by protective housings.

The sturdy reciprocation table rides a smooth dual-track linear bearing system.

y-amp-setSPLASHGUARD — The Splashguard has a drain, and is adjustable for vertical and rotational position, and is easily removable snapping on or off.

TOOLS — The provided Adapters hold standard tool shank diameters for the many off-the-shelf tools available from Ultra Tec or other companies: 3/8”, ¼”, 1/8”, and 3/32”.

Cylindrical Tools — Three basic tool sets are provided – Copper, and Phenolic, and Maple of 8 mm, 13 mm and 17 mm diameters.

The provided Adapters hold standard tool shank diameters for the many ‘off-the-shelf’ tools available from Ultra Tec or other companies: 3/8”, ¼”, 1/8”, and 3/32”.

Slitting Tools — A basic tool set is provided – 90 degrees – copper and phenolic.


Things to think about…

The Fantasy machine IS a “Concave Facet Machine” too — you can always use it in “Concave Cutting Mode”– producing concave-cut gems that are relatively easy to accomplish. Sooner or later—and almost inevitably — you will be drawn to detail enhancements that are steps in the direction of Fantasy cutting. A search on the Internet will provide many accomplishable ideas—still pretty close to your old friend, faceting.

As you move on to Fantasy cutting — the level of challenge goes up. You will probably do this gradually — adding complexity as you gain experience—but if you wish, you can jump right into your “far out” imaginings. You will quickly develop understanding of the various different setting capabilities — finding the freedom they give you – appreciating the repeatability of settings.

Fantasy cutting is a process that you need to be “into” mentally and creatively. It’s time consuming — like any art form, there is thought involved before moving on to each next step—it calls on you to be creative.

So—Concave cutting and Fantasy cutting “ain’t for kids” — and not for someone who lacks patience or time — but this is for someone who wants to broaden the horizon of lapidary interest.

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