VL Classic Faceting Machine (Analog)

Meet the Newest Member of the Faceting Team! 
ProductOrder CodePriceBuy
VL Classic Faceting Machine (Analog) - RIGHT, Analog (Standard)1607.VLAR$3,890.00
VL Classic Faceting Machine (Analog) - LEFT, Analog (Standard)1607.VLAL$3,890.00

VL Classic Faceting Machine incorporates both new and classic features and is sturdy and responsive. VL is designed for both new and experienced cutters- who will appreciate VL’s quality build and ease-of-use.

VL machine packages are highly affordable. Set to become a ‘new classic’, VL is available with the Analog Angle Dial and Dial Indicator Readout (Standard), or upgraded with the Digital Angle Display (DAD),  which replaces the Analog Angle Dial & Dial Indicator.

VL machine orders include

  • Base – operates at 110 or 220 VAC
  • VL Mast
  • 96 Index Gear
  • Driptank
  • Transfer Fixture
  • Tabling Adapter (45 degree)
  • Set of 12 Dops (4, 5, 6, 8mm F.V.C.)
  • Set of Wrenches
  • Drain Hose
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Either Analog Dial plus Dial Indicator, OR with Digital Angle Dial (DAD)


Download VL Classic- USER MANUAL



We are  often asked what would be a good “Starter kit” would we recommend for beginners and those new to faceting.  Though there are many ‘schools of thought’- and suggestions change widely based on the type of stone being cut etc , the following link is a great starting point.  Clicking thelink will populate the shopping cart to give you a great kit you can add to or change.