V5 Classic Faceting Machine (Analog)


The analog version of our bestselling V5 Classic Faceting machine.

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Product Description

ULTRA TEC provides the advantage of a proven design plus the evolutionary upgrades of advancing technology. No “penny pinching” shortcuts – no untested modifications: all machined components (no castings), all ball bearings (no bushings) plus precision of execution. That adds up to a superior faceting machine – for you.

After evaluating the V5 during its testing phase, under ”real world” conditions, professional faceter John Dyer’s report was “FANTASTIC!!!” (the bold print and 3 exclamation points were his).


V5 machine orders include:
• Base – operates at 110 or 220 VAC
• Mast
• 96 Index Gear
• Driptank
• Transfer Fixture
• Tabling Adapter (45 degree)
• Set of 12 Dops (4, 5, 6, 8mm F.V.C.) – Set of Wrenches
• Drain Hose
• Owner’s Manual

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